Welcome to Cinema Ravel!

Hello everyone! Alesse here.
We decided we were tired of too formal articles, of newsletter popups, of content that appears to be generated by a computer, of 20 things that you will find in most blogs.

So, we created our tiny site where me, Lyra and Zarieth rant, review and just write about our interests or experiences.
Lyra gets the artsy things, photography and music mainly. Zarieth is a tech wizard and I go with all the other things in life that really matter, like food.

Not just for the sake of writing or ranting, but rather hoping that we can help you, our dear beloved reader in something. Maybe solving a common problem, getting a new perspective or sharing a fancy new technique or idea we found with you.

So, dive up in our little corner, leave us a comment with your love, just like we love you oh random Internet person.
And once again, welcome!

The girls of Cinema Ravel

  • Zarieth Eleniak

    Techie and geek, a bit shy but not much (more due to eccentricity than low self esteem). Has a realistic view of the world, considering that we do not serve a greater purpose but what ever do of ourselves.

  • Alesse Edere

    She is the most confident, outgoing of the group. She likes dressing well (but not a fashion passionate per se). Sincere, sarcastic and to the point. Loves her career as a strong independent woman.
    A no-nonsense girl that makes fun of Zarieth’s gloomy views.

  • Lyra Melomane

    The heart of the group and most sensitive (thus the artsy one). She loves music and photography. She is also easygoing as Alesse, but much more gentle. A girl you like the moment you meet her. Has certain inner melancholy.