A set of apps for a new Apple Watch

It’s difficult to handle the expectation when you get a new Apple Watch. Will it replace my phone? Can I answer my messages or do any sort of fancy stuff in it?

The answer is yes and no. What I took from it is to expect it to be an accessory to the phone and not a replacement. More discrete than pulling the phone, much less rude in certain situations. I will try not to go over the iPhone app in order to keep it focused on the watch apps.

Excuse my default band, still waiting on my fancy one.

Anyway, with that in mind, I reviewed useful apps that can show how the watch really shines, considering it simplicity and complications (small widgets that appear on the screen) for example:


The app can store all sorts of sensitive information, and with the watch app you can store frequently used information that you can quickly consult.

By frequently, I mean for example transactions you have to do in the bank, in person, where you may not be allowed to use the phone. A specific ATM number for when you have many PINs. Travel information you can set up beforehand so you don’t have to search for it in the phone app. Among other use cases.


I chose this one mostly for it’s ability to handle both calendar and reminders in one app in the watch, which is also displayed in one complication.

Google News

Excellent for a quick news catch up, you see ten top stories from your feed and that’s it.


A really, really simple app that allows to track you expenses by selecting a category and setting an amount on the iPhone. Sadly the app in the watch allows you to see recent expenses and adjust them only in the watch.



Recommended by Lyra and I love it since it was just an iPhone app. Since it’s in my watch is transparent. One of the apps that you would feel if you didn’t’ have but otherwise is invisible.


Why choose another app over the stock weather app? While they do provide a really similar complication, I found Wunderground to be much more accurate and provides much more information than the stock app.

City Mapper


Like the music app but for your podcasts! Sadly the ability to store the podcasts in the watch has been recently removed. Nevertheless it is a very complete app in handling your podcasts playlists and subscriptions.


Really simple app to track your sleep patterns and restful sleep. We could


Even on the free plan, it allows you to queue things on your social networks and compose quick updates using dictation. Quick check what you have coming up to post in them.


Routines in your watch! With it, you can

PCalc Lite

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