Lyra’s (Beautiful) Instrumental Longing Playlist

There are moments in life where you can’t help but feel longing for old or new friends. When you are frustrated or mourning any kind of loss. Many experiences or secrets which we do not share, that no one will ever know about.

In a beautiful and ironical way, it’s something we all share. It’s that which let’s us know that someone needs to be heard, to have someone just there, for a hug, for a conversation, to know that we are not alone.

I have always believed that music connects us in a way that words will never do. So, you should know that we are all with you; that even if there’s no one right beside you, you are not alone. Even though we might never be able to understand exactly what you are going through, we can empathize on the feeling.
I could offer you a thousand motivational quotes from people smarter than me. But I think music, in all it’s ethereal magnificence, helps you embrace whatever haunts you. Without getting lost in details and differences. The perfect mix of shared experiences.

So, I’m sharing with you some of the music that has always helped me go through and at times, even enjoy the melancholy welcoming what comes after the rain much more.

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